We develop and implement comprehensive wealth plans to help our clients grow, manage and account for all of the family's assets - especially the business or professional practice.  

today's families
business owners

We advise professionals and executives on the complex financial situations they face when managing concentrated stock portfolios, restricted stock and options based earnings, and deferred compensation. 


succeeding beyond wealth. impacting beyond today.

​ Throughout their career, healthcare professionals face a number of unique financial and professional challenges. We offer tax planning, debt management and advanced practice and financial planning. 

Today's "modern" families look much different than the past. As a result, the old planning models are no longer effective. We develop and implement wealth strategies that address the needs and goals of today's households. 

OUR goal:
your success. your fulfillment. your peace of mind. no matter who you are.

Investment advice offered through IPI Wealth Management, Inc., 226 W. Eldorado St. Decatur, IL 65222. PHONE: 217-425-6340. Clearstone Wealth Management LLC is not affiliated with Investment Planners, Inc. or IPI Wealth Management, Inc.

professionals & executives

We help self-employed contractors, professionals, realtors, consultants  and other "solo"-preneurs create flexible long-term retirement and investment plans that adapts to their variable income. 


A pre-retirement review provides the answers needed to move confidently into retirement. Performed a few years before the planned event, the review allow you to assess your options and, if necessary, adjust course.