Business Transition Plan: $6000* 

Business Value & Review: $5000 - $10,000* 

*   The fees for One-Time Plans (Comprehensive Wealth, Transition to Retirement, Business Planning) may be more or less depending on the breadth and complexity of the wealth, assets, business, etc. 

**  Wealth Management includes ongoing reviews and refinement of the Comprehensive Wealth Plan, Transition to Retirement Plan, Estate Planning, Business Planning as well as advising on Held-Away Accounts such as 401(k) 


First: Financial Planning

OUR work

we bring clarity, focus, simplicity and discipline that integrates your entire wealth into a single, unified plan. 

Transition to Retirement Plan: $3500 - $5000* 

Wealth Management

In addition to advising and managing your "entire" wealth, we act as your personal CFO, providing high touch, comprehensive financial planning and investment management, estate and risk planning, and ongoing reviews to make certain  your balance-sheet is on track to support your goals, including those extending beyond your life. 

Fee determined by the size of the total managed and/or advised on portfolio including business and other assets.  Best suited for those with a total account value of $500,000 or more.**

One-Time Plan

For those who have been managing their own finances, or are working with another advisor, we provide a professional perspective on your financial, retirement, and investment planning. Our Comprehensive Wealth Plan is designed to answer all of your questions while creating a clear path forward toward your goals. 


Retirement Planning is an opportunity for you to enjoy the rewards of a lifetime of work. If you're ready! Our "Transition to Retirement Plan" helps you manage the numerous moving parts of your retirement and helps to create a strategy that meets your needs and goals while giving you confidence in your next steps. 

Business Planning

If you own a business or a professional practice, your enterprise could be your single most valuable asset. In addition to helping owners increase the value of their company, we create and implement effective plans to transfer the business to new owners, key employees, or the next generation of family leaders. 

Investment advice offered through IPI Wealth Management, Inc., 226 W. Eldorado St. Decatur, IL 65222. PHONE: 217-425-6340. Clearstone Wealth Management LLC is not affiliated with Investment Planners, Inc. or IPI Wealth Management, Inc.

Comprehensive Wealth Plan: $2500 - $4000* 

On-going guidance and investment management: $5000 annual retainer fee paid monthly or quarterly OR percentage of managed assets*