We consider your entire wealth when creating an investment plan and balance your investment portfolios to complement and strengthen your other assets. As a fee-only firm, we provide objective recommendations while helping you make informed investment decisions for your current and future plans. 


Oftentimes executives are given stock options or other equity awards. While these provide an exciting opportunity, their complexity can make it difficult to make sound long-term decisions. We help manage non-qualified and incentive stock options, restricted stock units, stock appreciation rights, employee stock purchase plans and other forms of executive compensation. 


It is important to identify tax-saving strategies for each stage of life. Each year we work with you to identify ways to minimize your income, capital gains, estate and other taxes. By taking a pro-active position we help you keep more of your finances working on your behalf. 

Our services

wealth planning • wealth protection 

wealth management • wealth transfer


After spending your entire life saving and investing you've become financially dependent on your total wealth. Now what? How do you manage your finances, retirement accounts, rentals and other assets to support this next and rewarding phase of your life? We look at options, consider different strategies and help you craft a solution that is just right for you. 

Investment advice offered through IPI Wealth Management, Inc., 226 W. Eldorado St. Decatur, IL 65222. PHONE: 217-425-6340. Clearstone Wealth Management LLC is not affiliated with Investment Planners, Inc. or IPI Wealth Management, Inc.


Determining your current and future insurance needs are just one part of your financial security and covers just one, albeit an important part of your financial well-being. We will also look at other areas where your wealth might be at risk and help you take steps to limit your exposure. 


Life Planning covers much more than retirement planning; it's about your personal fulfillment and enjoyment. It is not just to make certain that you have financial independence in your retirement years but that your life goals - what brings richness to you today - are also considered and achieved. 


Estate Planning is much more than creating a will. It includes making decisions regarding the well-being of your children, supporting your favorite charity, providing for those with special needs, transferring ownership of a business. We review your legacy goals and consider choices that will help you implement your estate plan with a qualified attorney. 

It begins with you. Your future. Your desires. Your goals. 

We've built our practice with the sole purpose of helping you reach your ideal future. Our services are built on the foundation of your life: who you are, where you are in life and what you hope for. And on this foundation, we help build and implement the strategy needed to complete your financial journey. 

Our job is clear: we help you achieve what is important for your life, your family, your future.   

We bring clarity, focus, simplicity, and discipline to integrate your entire wealth - your investment accounts, retirement plans, real estate, rental properties, businesses, inheritances, estate, all of it! -  into a single unified plan.


For many owners, their business represents their single most valuable asset. We create and implement strategies that enable companies to grow through each part of its business life-cycle. Then, when it is time, we help owners create and execute effective plans to transfer the business to new owners, key employees or the next generation of family leaders.