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"On the path toward financial health, individuals and families have to make tough decisions as they encounter different challenges and confusing choices.

"As an experienced client-centric wealth planning and investment management firm, we helps clients understand and manage their entire financial universe. Since each part impacts the other we help coordinate and align our client's investment, financial planning, tax, legal, estate, business, gifting, risk ...

"In short we truly do hold to a comprehensive wealth management strategy, helping clients with items that are both large and small."



Our purpose goes beyond providing quality advice and complete wealth and financial planning and management. It even goes beyond our commitment to being client-centric fiduciaries. We exist to create lasting value for our clients and their families. That's what drives us.

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Flat-fees and unbundled services

Though independently owned, Clearstone is a member office of IPI Wealth Management, a highly regarded and nationally recognized firm consistently ranked by Financial Times as a Top 300 Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). Additionally, we have access to the resources and capabilities of many leading companies including the following: 











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As fiduciaries, we are held to the highest legal standard to act, serve and advise according to our client's best interests. Additionally, we are to serve clients with utmost professionalism and care, avoid conflicts of interest, be transparent in all we do, and control all investment expenses. This standard is the basis for how we serve. 

Creating lasting value

Clients come to us with their unique needs, challenges and goals. Thus it is impossible to create a single service model that addresses these differences. We let clients choose what is needed and charge a flat-fee for each service. Our pricing is not determined by account size, but on complexity and customization. This helps us avoid conflicts of interest.



Our risk-managed growth investment philosophy is based on evidence that is supported by years of academic research. We create custom portfolios strategically allocated for our client's goals and needs. We then make tactical adjustments to take advantage of opportunities to reduce risk to capture gains. CLICK FOR OUR INVESTMENT PHILOSOPHY

We are uniquely positioned to help business and practice owners, career professionals and the self-employed navigate the complex issues impacting their wealth. For more than 20 years we have assisted them in transitioning their companies to new owners or family leaders. Our goal has always been to help preserve the wealth they have created. 

We are truly independent from the outside influence of brokerage firms, insurance companies, banks, savings and loans, and other financial institutions. This gives us the freedom to review and recommend the broadest investment solutions for our clients as we help them reach their financial and retirement goals. Our only obligation is to our clients.