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Tax Efficiency & Low Fees

We measure investment success by what is kept, not just by what is made. With this in mind, we manage clients portfolios while employing strategies to reduce the impact taxes and select investment vehicles that are commission free and low cost. This combination leaves more of our client's investments at work for their behalf. 


Asset Allocation & Portfolio Design and Management

Portfolios and investment strategies are developed and managed to reflect our client's specific goals, intentions, risk and other factors. We take a long-term "risk managed" investment approach that incorporates our client's liquidity and cash flow needs. 

Goal-Based Planning

"Traditionally, most advisors have been focused on a single goal shared by individuals: retiring comfortably. This no longer works as owners, professionals and families juggle increasingly complex issues that require a more personalized approach; one that takes a more holistic view of their total wealth in order to prioritize all of their financial and life goals - beyond just retirement - and helps ensure that they are achieved." 

Personal and Dynamic

Legacy & Estate Planning

We work closely with our clients, their families, and attorneys to design effective wealth transfer strategies, including estate and philanthropic planning. We then meet with the family's next generation and provide education and investment insight to support the long-term intention of the estate. 

Entire Net Worth Consulting & Asset Management

We are concerned about our client's entire net worth, not just their investments. After taking an in-depth analytical view of their portfolios, retirement accounts, business, stock options, real estate, insurance and other assets, we create a holistic strategy and monitor their entire net worth while providing ongoing advice and management. 

Risk Management

Clients face a number of risks, most of which are not directly related to their investments. We help clients and their families identify and minimize exposures that can have an adverse impact on their financial well-being and wealth strategies.

Retirement Planning

We create both pre-retirement and post-retirement investment plans that are designed to grow and preserve our client's wealth throughout their lives. In addition to protecting funds to meet expected short-term needs, we work to grow assets that can be drawn upon in later  years. 

Business/Practice Owners & Executives

We specialize in advising business owners through the challenges of their business growth and succession. We also help executives and professionals through the complexities of stock and options based compensation, non-qualified deferred compensation, personal finance and career considerations. 

Bringing the Future Into the Present

Goal focused, long-term wealth planning is foundational to how we work with you. We start by listening; we want to discover and understand who you are and what is important to you both today and tomorrow. 

We then explore different options as we design the action steps and investment strategies needed to help you reach your long-term goals while simultaneously addressing your near-term needs. 

After that, we implement the agreed upon plan, making certain that each part of your financial "universe" - your investments, your real estate, your insurances, your estate plans, your business, your profession - are lined up to support what's important to you. 

Finally, we continue to discuss your life and situation, making certain to adjust our forecasts and plans to your evolving and changing goals and situation. We adapt our strategies to stay on track to reach your new realities. 


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Clearstone Wealth Management 



Personal Financial Planning

We work with clients to clarify their personal financial goals for themselves and their families. After taking the time to learn our clients' history, philosophy, and perspectives, we create a personalized financial plan that is tailored to their unique tolerance, goals, restrictions, and requirements. 



"We help build ideal tomorrows: milestones that when taken together serve to create an ideal life. "